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Tybee Post Theater: Walters Parks - Swamp By Chandelier

Guitarist and singer Walter Parks, the longtime sideman for Woodstock legend Richie Havens has created Swamp By Chandelier – a new solo tour that’s both a concert and a historical experience. Replete with storytelling, skillful guitar playing and soulfully operatic singing, Swamp By Chandelier is a presentation of Parks’ own compositions interwoven with a few Richie Havens classics and an exciting reinterpretation of music that Parks researched in the Library of Congress Folklife Collection.

During the F.D.R. years, when Alan Lomax was recording blues in the Mississippi Delta, naturalist Francis Harper was recording the music and stories of the southeast Georgia swampers who lived in the Okefenokee before it was declared a national wildlife refuge. For this project, Parks has transcribed and modernized the swamp hollers – single voice melodies sung by hunters and farmers that signaled to family of a safe return home.

Tickets: $25, Members: $22.50.

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